No Deposit Holidays from TUIBefore Covid19 came along, Skytours, TUI and First Choice were offering no deposit package holidays. – well now they are back for 2021.

Great deals with First Choice for 2021 holidaysNo deposit holidays from TUI and First Choice, book your holiday and spread the cost of your holiday, with nothing to pay today.

Other companies in the past that have offered no deposit holidays by direct debit were the Thomas Cook group, which included Thomas Cook, Airtours and Manos branded package holidays. Unfortunately Thomas Cook in UK ceased trading in September of 2019.

The offer with Thomas Cook applied to selected Thomas Cook, Airtours and Manos branded package holidays, on holidays booked 14 weeks or more before the departure. Families were spoiled for choice with a wide range of holidays included in the deal, across the brand’s Casa Cook, Sunprime, Sunwing, SENTIDO, SunConnect and smartline hotels.

No deposit holidays 2021

The most common questions asked regarding the direct debit scheme are:

  • What packages are eligible?
    In order to be eligible for Direct Debit, your holiday booking needs to be made at least 182 days – 26 weeks – before departure. Direct Debit is available on most holidays.
  • Can I choose the amount of instalments?
    No, the amount of instalments is calculated automatically based on the date of your booking and the departure date. There’ll be a minimum of three instalments.
  • When is the last payment due?
    The last payment is due 98 days before departure. Just so you know, this is two weeks earlier than the standard booking terms.
  • Can I make any ad-hoc payments, even though I’m paying by Direct Debit?
    Yes. You can make payments through First Choice website and Contact Centres – your Direct Debit payments will be recalculated accordingly. You can’t make payments in TUI Holiday Stores.

First Choice 2021 holidays £0 no deposits are only available for selected First Choice holidays, so remember to check before you confirm your booking. To opt in, a Direct Debit needed to be set up before the booking was confirmed. Please remember to look for the option for your no deposit holiday, the option will look like the graphic below saying “pay nothing today”.

As you are paying by direct debit, you do not have to pay the balance due for your holiday 12 weeks before you go. Your direct debit payments will be arranged so that the balance is paid 6 weeks before you go on holiday. If you cancel the direct debit at any time you will need to pay the balance due 12 weeks before you travel. Skytours holidays are available on TUI website.

Look for a box similar to boxes below to show you are not having to pay a deposit, and your holiday will be taken by direct debit payments

First Choice No Deposit HolidaysTUI No deposit


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