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Save £200 per booking

We’re bringing you our best deals this Black Friday, and this page is where you’ll find everything that’s on offer.

First Choice Tiered Promo Code
Save £100 per booking (minimum spend £1000)

(minimum spend £2500)

Valid in all sales channels, including 3rd party agents

Departures between 1st January 2023 – 30th April 2024

Live from 21st November 2022 – 28th November 2022


Save £200 per booking


Rewards Campaign

Get up to £200 in rewards: Post booking, customers will receive a link to access offers up to a value of £200 with brands such as Café Nero and Superdrug. Rewards are designed to enhance the holiday build up period, and expected to include a free coffee, discounted sun cream, discounts on fashion brands and taxi’s etc. This includes 3rd party agent bookings and excludes Flight Only and Hotel Only. There is no minimum spend. Live from 21st November 2022 – 28th November 2022